News, 19.05.2020

Almost like home-made

Vetropack Moravia Glass produces the new half-litre glass bottles for the different flavours of Kitl syrups. The bottles present themselves in an olive-green transition colour, as they appear when the colour of the furnace changes.

The Kitl company attaches great importance to quality and craftsmanship in its syrups. These demands are continued in the 500 ml glass bottle. The olive green glass bottle ends in a silver-coloured screw cap. The entire bottle is enclosed in a large paper label that emphasizes the home-made character of the products and contains valuable additional information such as recipe recommendations.

The various syrups from Kitl (Kitl Syrob) taste almost home-made. They are made according to traditional recipes. In addition to the raspberry variety, ginger, elderberry, mint, grapefruit, cherry or currant syrups are also available. The thickened juices are produced in organic quality and have a high proportion of fruit components. Thanks to cold processing, the syrups are rich in flavour and aroma.