Hands-down winner

What is...

...pure, clear, natural, hygienic, translucent, clean, shiny, light, unalloyed, impermeable, malleable, strong, aesthetic, inert, diffusion-resistant, cool, beautiful, unmistakeable, clean, heat-resistant, sustainable, authentic, healthy, flexible, fine, pleasing, wonderful, versatile, blank, taste-neutral, brand-shaping, odour-neutral, decorative, reusable, transparent, coloured, opaque, safe, complete, recyclable, non-gas-permeable, attractive, resistant and protective?


No other packaging material can compete with the outstanding properties of glass. Glass is a natural and neutral material which protects your high-quality contents.

Flavour, nothing more and nothing less

Glass preserves the original flavour of the product, nothing more and nothing less. The flavours, vitamins and freshness of high-quality drinks and food are preserved, unadulterated, for long periods of time. Nothing passes from the glass into the product, nothing penetrates from outside through the glass into the product and nothing escapes outside. Glass packaging is like a safe that protects its valuable contents for the long term.

For your health: glass

Glass is pure. It does not react with other substances and can be safely reused time after time. Glass is inert, which means that products coming into contact with glass are not changed. That is a strong argument in its favour, especially for sensitive products like baby food and medicines, or carefully produced foodstuffs like milk, vegetables and juice. Not to mention all the refreshing drinks that we enjoy – ranging from sparkling mineral water to lovingly pressed wines or spirits for connoisseurs.

Tingling pleasure down to the last drop

Glass is gas-tight, so it creates a barrier for carbon dioxide. In glass bottles, mineral water retains its fizziness for a long time. That is an unbeatable advantage, especially when the temperatures are high, or after doing sport or exercising.

Sustainable: glass remains glass

Glass is completely recyclable. It can be melted down and reused time and again, without losing its quality. Recycling glass protects resources, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

For all your senses

Glass identifies brands. The design of a glass bottle conveys core messages and is the emblem of a successful market-leading or premium brand. People take pleasure in the colours of glass, the elegant shapes and the smooth feel of its surface. People have been using glass containers for millennia. Glass is beautiful and its quality appeals to all their senses.

Technically perfect

Glass is ideal for all kinds of bottling and for the recycling cycle. It withstands very high temperatures, is dimensionally stable up to about 500° Celsius and is therefore suitable for all standard bottling processes, such as hot and cold filling, pasteurisation, sterile and aseptic bottling. Returnable bottles can be cleaned 100% hygienically at high rinsing temperatures.