News, 29.04.2020

An extraordinary situation requires an unconventional solution

Just a few months ago, it would not have occurred to anyone that bottles intended for alcoholic beverages could also be used as disinfectant bottles. However, the emergency situation requires unconventional and above all quick solutions.

Due to the spread of coronavirus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, consumer demand for this disinfection has increased enormously, which is thus short of the market. Some Vetropack customers have responded flexibly to this shortage and have decided to modify their production so that they can produce disinfection.

The Slovak firms, St. Nicolaus and PRELIKA, a.s. Prešov decided to produce disinfection. In the Czech Republic, these are the companies RUDOLF JELÍNEK and Stock Plzeň-Božkov. All these companies have a common goal - to supply the market with disinfection, which is a scarce commodity. However, each proceeds a little differently. Companies Stock Plzeň-Božkov and PRELIKA, a.s. Prešov produced directly a disinfectant. RUDOLF JELÍNEK has decided to go a different way and offers consumers alcohol that they can use to produce basic disinfection. And Company St. Nicolaus offers both pure alcohol and an alcohol-based disinfectant solution.