News, 29.08.2017


Triennials of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec

The glass, which we produce in Kyjov, is the perfect packaging for beverages and food. We appreciate mainly its practical properties, the fact that it smells and tastes neutral, natural, and sustainable and so on. Glass is also beautiful, and we must not forget that. You can convince yourself of these things in Jablonec nad Nisou, where the International Triennials of Glass and Jewellery is held until the end of October.

Just a few exciting expositions offer the best of glass, fashion jewellery and jewellery. You can see utility and decorative glass, design, art glass, student visions and high-tech products.

Exhibits from ancient times, as well as contemporary or even light futuristic exhibits, have received space. The exhibition thus creates an imaginary but very real bridge between the past, the present and the future. Within the triennial you will meet famous names such as Alois Metelak, Jan Kaplicky and Bořek Šípek.

We are proud to present also products from Vetropack Moravia Glass in Jablonec. From a huge number of types and colours of bottles and glasses offered by the Kyjov glasswork, we chose a representative sample and we proudly presented them.

The international triennial is definitely worth a visit and it´s fascinating to realize that glass is such an extraordinary material, that we can hang it on our neck or ears, put it on the table in the form of a vase, or pour wine out of the bottle or pour out a delicious pâté from a jar. Glass is simply unique.